Wedding Wonderland

We got married! March 18, 2017 was the most perfect day, beyond our wildest imaginations – and trust me, we have wild imaginations!  The entire week prior to the wedding was incredible, with friends and family arriving early to ski and spend time with us.  Those days involved some awesome spring skiing and delicious meals.  … More Wedding Wonderland

Road Trip!

Last Friday at 2pm, Jackson called me on Google chat.  I was about 99% sure it was an accident, but he started talking right away.  He mumbled about poor call quality, hung up, and called me back on the phone.  He immediately asked the only thing I’d hear for the duration of our call: “Hey, … More Road Trip!


After Saturday’s mechanical issue on my road ride that ended my ride after a mere 45 minutes, I was looking forward to redemption by standing atop the impressive Pfeifferhorn.  It was a late night too (hooray for checking out our wedding band!), though it was easy to respond to my 5:30am alarm, knowing the adventure … More Pfeiffer-fail

Olympic Hiking

If only hiking were actually an Olympic sport, I might have a chance at making it… 😀 In honor of the upcoming Summer Games, I hiked Mt. Olympus this past weekend.  Not really, but the timing worked out well!  To make certain that it was sufficiently challenging, I went for a hilly 33mi bike ride … More Olympic Hiking

Entitlement in Society

In my introduction, I mentioned that the topics will vary greatly from my outdoor adventures to my thoughts and opinions on current events.  Today’s post is the result of everything I’ve read about the Brock Turner case – namely, the letter from the victim, the letters from Brock’s parents, and the complete lack of accountability … More Entitlement in Society